Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How I Caught a Big Fish While Searching for Fish and Chips!

Charlotte Bergmann
U.S. House of Representative
I was invited to attend the Republican National Committee’s Black Republicans Trailblazer Awards Luncheon on February 26, 2018 in Washington DC at the Walter Washington Convention Center. I was late receiving my confirmation to this event, so by the time my itinerary was completed, I was flying from Memphis, Tennessee, through Charlotte, North Carolina, through New York, New York and finally to Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington DC. 

I wasn't aware of why I kept getting promptings to go to particular places, but God used me mightily on my travel day and divinely intervened so I could talk to two liberal women. One was a Black woman from Memphis who had been a Cohen supporter. She told me she was tired of ‘Goin’ with Cohen’ but did not know what else to do. God sent me to that meeting to meet a woman who lived just a few neighborhoods over from mine so I could tell her she had a much better choice than Cohen. I don’t believe we would have ever met if not for this trip.

Our airplane was packed with no empty seats. After waiting in line for people to stow their bags and be seated, I finally found the last available seat . . . right next to my new acquaintance from Memphis, a Divine Appointment I could have never arranged. I pray whatever was said in our conversation, God is able to use it to provide guidance for her future. She certainly impressed me as we spoke about children, politics, and spiritual matters.

The second leg of my trip was through New York and by this time I had developed a craving for Fish and Chips. I walked up and down the concourse looking for a restaurant that sold Fish and Chips at La Guardia, and although I was hungry, I didn’t want to settle for anything less than my cravings. I decided to wait until I got to the hotel in Washington DC to go searching again, however, my cravings won out and I got my bags and went back upstairs to eat at the airport.

Fish &Chips
Fish & Chips!

My next Divine Appointment led me to sit next to a liberal, white female teacher from Seattle, Washington who felt smug about attending a convention at Howard University for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) students. Here I was a STEM graduate in math and computers . . . however, I was a Black Republican and a proud supporter and fierce defender of President Trump.

She questioned me extensively, wanting to know if I was a RINO or hardcore. I told her I was a Trump Delegate, that I had been homeless during a liberal administration, and I had pulled myself up and out without assistance from the government. PLUS, I was running for office to help those who deserved to be helped like our homeless veterans, etc. It totally killed her narrative that Republicans hated minorities, especially when I told her I was here during Black History Month to attend an RNC Black Republican Trailblazer Award Luncheon, which was also Divinely motivated and a great success.

Peter, the big fisherman caught fish with nets. God used me to catch a fish with Fish and Chips. Never underestimate how or why our footsteps are guided and directed.


Charlotte Bergmann
2nd VP Shelby County Republican Women’s Club
Former Communications Chairman, FedEx Retiree Club
RPSC District 83 Representative
2016 President Donald J. Trump Delegate

facebook: @ElectBergmann
Twitter: @ElectBergmann

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